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Idea meetings with the team will lay out everything we can do for you including, but not limited to:

Traditional PR

From product placement to creating press releases, and maintaining industry awareness.

Event Management

Hosting press days; managing trade show stands; organizing intimate launch dinners and large-scale evening events.


Working with stylists, celebrities and influencers, we can put your product where it will be seen by millions in moments.

Talent Management

We manage the brand and business development aspects of your career, allowing you to focus on what’s most important; your talent!

Social Media Consulting

Whether growing your following or creating more meaningful content is your goal.

Large Project Consultancies

For rebranding, deepening or widening your product offering, or any other major undertaking.

Enlisting Brand Ambassadors

Beginning the search for your dream spokesmodel or sealing the deal once you choose them.

Content Creation

Shooting a glossy lookbook, a boundary-pushing digital interactive showcase, or anything in between.


We have the contacts to link you with brands and individuals with the perfect synergy to your brand.

Nigerian Market Guidance and Strategy

We specialize in offering advice and support for every stage of your business’s expansion in Nigeria.

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